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Incentive Travel Programs

It is the aim of The Journeymasters to deliver the external portion of a travel incentive (the journey itself), in a way the guests can not duplicate no matter how wealthy they are or how much of their wealth they are willing to spend.

In our 47 years we have originated 39 ground-breaking group events, won five 1st Place SITE crystal awards for group trips, and in 1972 created The SuperWeekender the industry's first non-group incentive travel program.

Map of the World Map of the World
The First Time Ever Dinner with David in the Museum of Fine Arts, Florence Italy
The First Time Ever Her Majesty’s Cold Stream Guard Band
The First Time Ever Donkey Polo
The First Time Ever the Ms. Argentina Fashion Show
The First Time Ever Sorrento (Italy) Beach Party
The First Time Ever the Mercedes Motor Rallye
The First Toga Costume Party in Rome

Group Travel

We hosted Rome's first Toga Party. And we held the first dinner in the museum of Fine Arts in Florence in the very room (the Tribuna) that houses Michelangelo's DAVID statue. In Bex Switzerland- we created a discotheque in a salt mine.

Individual Travel

The growth of incentive travel was remarkable yet in 1972 Incentive travel was still only $15 billion of the $60 billion spent on incentive programs. Merchandise prizes made up 75% of the incentive award spend. That had to change!

"Our expectations nationally were an average of 10% increase. I am pleased to report that the overall program resulted in a national average of +17% which was outstanding. The top prize winner had an increase of over 800%." - from the Marketing Manager of an Industrial Tool Company
"During the six month promotional period our Regional Managers identified over 65 new application opportunities and generated a total of $122,000 in new business. The result on the bottom line was outstanding!!!" - from the Business Manager of a Commercial Adhesive Company
"The cost was also within our forecast. Ordinarily we allocate one-half of one percent of premium for broker incentives. In the Above & Beyond promotion the actual expenditure was one-quarter of one percent (0.25%) which also, as you can imagine, contributed to our feeling of success."
"This fourth quarter promotion broke ... records. Usually we fall out of bed in the fourth quarter, because budgets are used up and ..." - Marketing Director of an Emergency Product Company
"The mailer announcing the contest included a response card asking brokers to register for the contest. More than 3,000 brokers registered." - from the Director of Sales of an Insurance Company
"An incentive plan is supposed to promote increased sales. Your program worked!!!" - from the Director of Sales of a Commercial Food Service Company
"The Journeymasters are masters of choice. Their travel award program has the most choice of any we’ve ever used. We can mix and match levels to meet different needs. And the number of hotel options dwarfs the competition making for more motivating programs." - from the Marketing Director of an Insurance Company