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Group Travel

If we are to live up to our mantra, “The exceptional deserve the unforgettable.” It is proper to judge us by the events we have created for the thousands who have been our guests.

It is the aim of The Journeymasters to deliver the external portion of a travel incentive (the journey itself), in a way the guests can not duplicate no matter how wealthy they are or how much of their wealth they are willing to spend.

The First Toga Costume Party in Rome

Toga(s) were delivered to each guest room. A line of Roman Legionnaires in full costume stood guard at the entrance allowing only properly attired guests i.e. wearing a toga, to enter our lavishly decorated ballroom. The “Emperor” (company VIP) was brought in on a litter carried by costumed Roman legionnaires, costumed servers served, costumed slave girls danced, … The party roared on until the Emperor cried "Halt! Enough!"

Note: In later years we brought the Emperor in on a horse drawn Roman chariot – horse was a real live horse.

The First Time Ever Her Majesty’s Cold Stream Guard Band

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Tomorrow we will see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. But I warn you it may be crowded, very crowded, and your view of the Guard’s Band may be less than ideal. So through the courtesy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and your company (inset Company’s name) we now present to you tonight …Her Majesty’s Cold Steam Guard’s Band." And into the ballroom they march in all their regalia.

The First Time Ever the Ms. Argentina Fashion Show

Showcasing Argentina’s superlative leather & fur products. The winners of the Ms. Argentina beauty contest for the previous five years were the models.

The First Time Ever the Mercedes Motor Rallye

Start in Zurich (overnight)-to St Moritz (overnight) to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (overnight) to Bad Ragaz (overnight) to Lucerne (overnight) to Zurich Airport and home. Polaroid cameras & Photo Log Book with elaborate Driver’s Guide that included instructions to photograph eleven mystic sites. Personalized maple wood plaque with engraved rallye route to each couple. Separate groups of 40 to 60 arriving daily. 2 couples to a car, every car was a Mercedes. 1,044 total guest participants.

The First Time Ever Donkey Polo

At Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic famous for genuine Polo Matches. Instead of a Polo Mallet we used kitchen brooms, instead of a Polo ball we used a soccer ball, and instead of a Polo Pony we used donkeys. We still had four players on a team. We played four chukkers of seven minutes each, and changed teams after each chukker.

The First Time Ever Sorrento (Italy) Beach Party

We cruised the coast of Italy on a Seabourn charter, stopped at a beach in Sorrento for a party. Food stands of Tuscany, Piedmont, Venice, & Naples on the beach. Donkeys & goats, too. Pepper, garlic strings hang from the rafters, along with hams, sausages, cheeses and two 12 foot swordfish, caught that day, later cut down & grilled in front of the guests (part of a six course sit-down dinner). Troupe of Tarantella dancers to show and teach. Plus a strolling troupe of musicians. Neapolitan tenor and soprano saved ‘til last.

The First Time Ever Dinner with David in the Museum of Fine Arts, Florence Italy

All tourists were gone from the museum. We moved in a mountain of chairs, tables, kitchen equipment to make David’s Tribuna and the Corridor of Prisoners a wondrous dining room. While professional guides of Florence took our guests on a private tour of the Academy and then to the Hall of the Colossus where an Italian string quartet offered suitable musical background to the cocktail reception.

We announced dinner. Guests entered and there was David and the Prisoners in breathtaking majesty… An elegant four course dinner, followed, but the evening was far from finished for we had brought The Three Tenors – No not those three tenors – The Three Tenors from Milan’s La Scala Opera House, the most celebrated opera house in the world, to sing the arias from famous Italian operas to our guests to insure the night would be forever after … unforgettable! Five standing ovations later. Five demands for encore after encore later and the tenors were regretfully allowed to depart. The night was titled “Dinner with David,” … “Some things,” said the poet, “cannot be explained, they must be experienced.” It became the most remarkable night in all of our lives.