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If we are to live up to our mantra, “The exceptional deserve the unforgettable.” It is proper to judge us by the events we have created for the thousands who have been our guests.

The growth of incentive travel was remarkable yet in 1972 Incentive travel was still only $15 billion of the $60 billion spent on incentive programs. Merchandise prizes made up 75% of the incentive award spend. That had to change!

And so was born Above & Beyond™

Not a single award, a collection of awards more desirable than the DIAMOND. Think 5 days – 4 nights in a a one bedroom suite in Fairmont’s beach front Kea Lani on Maui, think the Wilderness or Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World, think Bermuda, in the Fairmont Southampton, or a Junior suite in the palatial Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana, or the Riviera Maya in the Occidental Grand Xcaret including admission to Xcaret Park, or Cancun or Panama City … 24 of the most luxurious resorts in this hemisphere, or a week long Carnival or Royal Caribbean’s Caribbean cruise in a deluxe outside cabin, if you please. Above & Beyond™ was perfect, and today it is more popular than the Pyramid of Dreams

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Three days after a winner returns from a vacation reserved by our often praised concierge service, we send the returned winner a survey form titled, “A Moment of Your Time on Your Return” One question on the MOYT asks,” What statement would you say best describes your Going Places holiday? ? Fell below my expectations.? Met all my expectations.?Exceeded my expectations.? 57% guests checked off Exceeded my expectations. ? 39% checked off Met my expectations ? 4% checked off Fell below my expectations. Our Concierge Reservation service is “often praised” because they deliver satisfaction!


One of our customers, who prefers to remain unnamed, began offering an Above & Beyond™ to his dealer channel in 2011. A one month spurt campaign to sell off a considerable quantity of select product. He put a point value on each model, the more he wanted to sell the model the more points he put on it. As the dealer reached goal he was award an Above & Beyond™ award. The Result: Our customer sold $5.9M of product. He awarded an Above & Beyond™ to 58 dealers. His cost was 3.7% of sales ($220,000). He was ecstatic. “And the best part is that my job is over,” he told us. “All I have to do is send the report to Christine” (a Journeymasters VP), “and I know my guys will be well taken care of.”

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"Do something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t do something else."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Following FDR’s dictum in 2011 a client ran a contest of one month duration. The success of 2011 was repeated and enhanced as follows. In 2012 he had 128 dealer winners in 2 one month contests ? in 2013 he had 221 dealers winning in 3 one month contests ? in 2014 he had 329 dealers winning in 4 one month contests. Through May of 2015 he has run 2 one month contests – winners are being awarded at the rate of 39 dealer winners a month or 456 for the year!

"If it works do more of it!"

A person may well have enough iPads or Flat Screen TVs. He or she will never have a surfeit of vacations for themselves and for their team.

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One Last testament to the remarkable nature of our individual travel programs…

In 2013 our West Coast rep showed Above & Beyond™ to CBS. They liked the idea and the idea of our faultless delivery prowess. So for the 2013 season we delivered all the travel prizes for the show Lets Make a Deal©. In 2014 CBS left The Journeymasters.

We could not blame them, they were inundated by hotel properties who were willing to barter nights in their hotel for the publicity of being exposed to a national TV audience on a major network.

It is now 2015, and Lets Make a Deal© has come home to The Journeymasters… When a thing looks too good to be true!